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Dr. Ella Webb's 1916 Easter Rising diary

A timeline based on Dr. Ella Webb's diary published in the Weekly Irish Times on May 13th 1916 [1]. This was later discovered to be a personal diary, not meant for publication. The following week the Times printed an apology to Dr. Webb.

Below the timeline is a map of Dublin city centre from around 1916 with a list of places mentioned in the diary.

Please note that the times on this diary timeline are approximate!

Map of Dublin from around 1916 with references to places mentioned in the diary

Zoom in or out, or scroll around this map to find additional places. Click on a place marker for more information or use the index of places on the right of the map. Click on the layers icon in the top right of the map to move between the 1916 and current day map.


  • [1] Weekly Irish Times. The date on the publication is April 29th 1916, but this cannot be correct as the diary entries themselves go up to Monday May 1st 1916! There was an apology about publishing these clearly personal diary entries in the following weeks Weekly Irish Times, which was dated 20th May 1916. Hence it is assumed that the actual date of the original publication was 13th May 1916, which makes more sense.